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Board? Yes, please!


Ahhhh, nothing is as refreshing as taking in a giant, deep breath of mountain air. This post, unfortunately, is coming from a mere elevation of 1170 feet….Oklahoma style. But my memory is still as fresh as the snow I was snowboarding on just a mere 10 days ago. Okay, okay, okay…enough of that. Let’s get real.

The whole trip happened as an act of spontaneity, Boyfriend and I decided to take mini road trip West of Denver to hit the slopes. And did we ever. Maybe I should back up and explain this sudden act of spontaneity… it all began with a snow storm. In Kansas. One that eventually ended up in Oklahoma. Which made me day-dream about skiing. And snowboarding. And then skiing some more. And then snowboarding. (really you should spend one day in my head, I am even indecisive when I day-dream. oy.) Man, I was really missed the mountains. We haven’t been skiing/snowboarding since we bought our house, and we were both having some serious withdrawals. So Boyfriend and I got to talking… I mean we are in our mid-twenties. We are too responsible for our own good. We deserved a little spontaneity in our lives.

OKAY PAUSE: I could probably summarize the entire trip in one paragraph, but how fun would that really be?

OKAY RESUME: First, let me start by stating the obvious: west of Denver is a long ways away. Like really. 10 1/2 hours to be exact. To pass the time we (said I) slept, spoke to each other in the form of questions only, ate a ton of junk food, and ended the trip by me totally dominating Boyfriend in a battle of name that song (80’s hair band style of course). There was a blizzard pouring down on our trip over, so we drove S-L-O-W…which gave me plentyyy of time to figure out of this was going to be a ski trip or a boarding adventure. You see, it has been 2 years since our last trip, and I wasn’t sure if I was up to fine tuning my boarding skills. Trust me, they needed it. And for those of you boarders out there, it’s not as easy as it looks…am I right? I’m not going to lie… snowboarding has a tendency to make me a bit passive aggressive, but I think in a good way (Boyfriend, no comments puhlease). Ya know, in a challenge yourself it’s 2013, kind of way. But in the end, I always always always end up having a blast. So snowboarding it was!

Okay this whole one paragaph isn’t going to work. My apologies. Feel free to skip ahead and look at the pretty pictures. Ooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhh.


Village at Copper

Village at Copper

As spontaneous as we think we are (we put together the trip in about a week), we still managed to be overly prepared. Each of us doing some pretty intense research on lift tickets, condo rentals, different mountains located west of Denver, etc… Being prepared helps me sleep at night.

Copper Mountain was the best deal we could find… located only about 80 miles from Denver. It has been getting some fresh snow, it had a ton of trails, and neither one of us had ever been. We were excited. Boyfriend scored an amazing last-minute deal on a condo located at the base of the ski slopes and I found some pretty good deals on lift tickets ($60 each a day, whaaaaaaat?). We had some good juju going our way and it was going to be an excellent 4 day weekend.

Our condo was located in East Village at Copper Mountain, and I honestly believe I could have lived there.  Two bedrooms (though one was locked up and rented separately), three bathrooms (one was included with the locked up bedroom), living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony and a fabulous view.  Don’t believe me about our balcony view?  Check these puppies out…

Balcony View

When looking to the left…

Balcony View 2

When looking to the right…

Ahhhh… isn’t that just wonderful?  It was a GREAT time, I had a blast.  No working, just playing and enjoying some quality time with Boyfriend (and by that I mean racing him down the slopes, he may have been a trooper and let me win a few times).  Boarding down the side of a mountain while humming Red Hot Chili Peppers and pretending to be one bad mama jamma… how can you not have a blast?  Insert some lyric: “I saw God / And I saw the fountains/You and me girl / Sittin’ in the Swiss mountains…” Okay, okay, okay….maybe not the Swiss mountains, but close enough 😉  I miss it already.

Copper Mountain exceeded all of my expectations by a looong shot.  There was a giant village at the bottom of the mountains (right alongside the lifts), that had little shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants.  There were tons of condos, an ice skating rink and just a bazillion things that kept us entertained long after the lifts closed.  Good powder, good weather, good food, good brew and an overall good time.  I couldn’t have asked for  a better long weekend. 🙂

Center Village

Center Village 2

Sometimes you just gotta kick back and enjoy the scenery…  wahoo for spontaneity.



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Happy Hump Day!


This week has been rough.  Work has been busy, making me not want to do so much once I get home. Soooooo, I don’t. Then I feel horrible and lazy, especially when Boyfriend can talk for about two and a half hours about everything that he accomplishes every day.  Ugh. Over achiever.

Not really, I love him MUCHO and try to use his determination and productivity as motivation.  But this week…it’s just not working.  Knowing that my next couple of projects are halfway daunting (picture wall and/or the organization of my pantry), I have been avoiding any kind of home improvements at. all. costs.  But really.

So today at work, I got one of those e-mails from Kraft that showed pictures of yummy looking food, which made me wayyyy hungry before it was even close to my lunch time….but I decided that tonight, yes tonight, I WOULD COOOOOK!

I love cooking.

I love cooking more when Boyfriend is here cooking with me, but eh, this’ll do for now. This mortal body has grown weak. I need sustenance! ……Um, did I mention that we watched Thor over the weekend? We did.

Okay back to cooking! So, after seeing the delicious looking e-mail from Kraft today…I decided to try one of their proclaimed 30-minute meals, and it was AWESOME! And what makes it ever better….it was CHEAP! Double whammy.

It’s called Sausage With Peppers and Pasta (I promise I didn’t name it), and it was cheap, easy, fast and yummy!  Here is Kraft’s picture of it:

Picture is from KraftRecipes.comDoesn’t it look good? Nom Nom

Here’s the ingredients and instructions….it is SUPER easy. I mean really, it is easy. And it’s good. And it’s fast.

3 cups rigatoni pasta, uncooked (I used one bag of Ziti, eh it looks the same)
1lb. Italian sausage links, sliced
1 each green, red and yellow pepper, chopped
1 can (14-1/2 oz.) Italian-style diced tomatoes, undrained (I used rotel…it’s what I had THANK YOU, coupons)
1-1/2 Mozzarella-Parmesan Cheese Blend (I just used a bag o’ Mozzarella)
1/4 cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese

Cook pasta as directed on package, omitting salt.  Meanwhile, cook sausage in large skillet on medium heat 10 min., stirring frequently.  Stir in peppers; cook and stir 7 min. or until sausage is done and peppers are crisp-tender.  Stir in tomatoes; cook 2 min. or until heated through, stirring occasionally.

Drain pasta.  Add to sausage mixture with shredded cheese blend; mix well.  Top with Parmesan.

Easy. Peasy. And oh-so-yummy. THAT’S ALL! Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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I LOVE Big Lots and I cannot lie!


I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m a pretty big fan of cheap.  Well, I prefer the term *thrifty*.  And today was a very good day for me at Big Lots because today was Friends and Family day.  Yep that’s right, Friends and Family Day.  Do I have a family member that works for Big Lots? Nope.  Do I even know anyone who works at Big Lots?  Nope (though I should by now…I’m practically a regular.)   Anyways, today they were practically begging customers to take one of their “20% off your ENTIRE purchase” coupons, valid today only.  Didn’t have to ask me twice.  Actually I took two.  Not sure why.  But it felt like a good idea at the time.

Back to why I love Big Lots.

Well it’s cheap…I mean *thrifty*.  And their stock is constantly changing.  Home decor, furniture, cleaning supplies, electronics and even groceries.  I’m not going to lie to you though, I only go there for the home decor.  And sometimes the furniture.  And the cleaning supplies if they have what I like.  But that’s it.  Until next time…

So today, upon paroozing around the store, I stumbled across this little jewel and immediately texted my boyfriend telling him I wanted it.  Today.

I’m not sure if you can see that price tag or not…so let me put it in writing for you.  $272.00!!!! What the?  Pretty sure that beats the IKEA sofas I have been pricing.  And what’s even better is that this sofa is EXTREMELY similar to two sofas that I love, love, LOVE but cannot afford (from Ballard Design and Home Decorators).  Actually, let me just show you a picture of one them.

This sofa’s price tag is closer to the $1,000.00 mark (so twice as much a sofa-love-seat-combo at the ole BL)…

So I sat on it, rubbed it a little..and then sat on the sofa next to it.  And the sofa behind it.  And the sofa behind it and to the left.  Long story short, this sofa kinda had my heart.  It was soft, cushy, comfortable and just the right color for my living room.  And what made this situation of mine even sweeter? Boyfriend said “go ahead.” Wahoo!! I got the Go Ahead!!! VICTORYYYY.

So next I chased down a guy with a black spikey hair wearing an orange Big Lots vest and put my order in.  They had a sofa and love seat in the back, still boxed up, ready to be loaded into the back of Boyfriend’s pick-up (which I just happened to be driving in case I came across a good buy).  I was pretty pumped.  Really pumped actually.  All of the money I just saved made me want to sing a happy, happy song.  And buy a lamp.  Well, two lamps actually.  Matching ones.  They were very pretty.  AND on sale, remember 20% everyyyyyything, right?

I didn’t buy the lamps. 😦 I should’ve though, huh? I mean think of all the SAVINGS from today.  I’ll try to post pics of the furniture in my living room.  It looks good.  I promise. Til’ tomorrow fraaaans. Deuces.

Hello world!


Welcome to Ever So Thrifty!! A blog I developed for myself, as well as others, to compare notes on our various forms of “thriftiness.”

I’d like to believe that I’m a nice, young girl living in Oklahoma.  I love God, my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my dogs, our HOME and ALL projects! Really…all projects – crafts, home projects, decorating, cooking, crocheting, sewing, gardening and most of all, the art of saving.  See, I tend to be a tad on the frugal side. Okay, slash that… I’m EXTREMELY frugal.  But I blame it on the economy, my penny-pinching dad, my income, my boyfriend’s income… okay screw it. I’m frugal because I’m frugal.  I hate spending money on an item when I know I could have either made it for less, or used a coupon which would have made it cheaper.  It bugs me. REALLY bugs me.  I could have a problem.  But it’s MY problem…and I kind of like it. I can stretch a dollar like no one’s bizz-nazz.

So a little about myself, I’m a 20-something year old and I graduated from THE University of Oklahoma a little over two years ago with a degree that I loved.  At the time.  After graduated I was immediately offered an office job, which I took (and still have), which gave me a sense of financial security.

This financial-security-feeling sort of drugged me and I did the most reasonable next step in life…  If you are, at all, thinking “get married,” then you clearly do not know me.  At all. Nope, I bought a house.  A house that blinded both me and my handy-dandy boyfriend because it offered a very promising vision.  A house we believed (and still believe!) could someday be more than a house, but our HOME.

Our house is the same age as us.  Really. The year it was born, so were we.  Though we are all the same age, Boyfriend and I treat this house as if it were our baby.  Our dogs are treated the same.  So it’s okay if you consider us to be parents… we kind of are.  Emphasis on kind of.

Yep, the dogs are in bed. Under the covers. MY covers.

Long story short is that we started this house project with a whole lot of enthusiasm and what we thought was knowledge and skill.  Little did we know.  Really.  The last year has really been an adventure for us, but we learn new things and start new projects ALL THE TIME.  This blog is sort of our journey.  Our ways of pinching pennies, decorating and designing our home, and figuring out how to make it our own.  There will be a WHOLE lot of DIY obsession, and little tid bits about our lives along the way.

I promise not to filter…you will see it all including the GOOD, the BAD, and even the UGLY.  You will see our adventures and our misadventures throughout these projects.  So please feel free to give us advice, words of encouragement or money.  Haha, not really. But really.  We’d love to know what you think!

Let’s be friends! (Don’t worry we don’t have to be Facebook official…yet) 🙂