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I LOVE Big Lots and I cannot lie!


I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m a pretty big fan of cheap.  Well, I prefer the term *thrifty*.  And today was a very good day for me at Big Lots because today was Friends and Family day.  Yep that’s right, Friends and Family Day.  Do I have a family member that works for Big Lots? Nope.  Do I even know anyone who works at Big Lots?  Nope (though I should by now…I’m practically a regular.)   Anyways, today they were practically begging customers to take one of their “20% off your ENTIRE purchase” coupons, valid today only.  Didn’t have to ask me twice.  Actually I took two.  Not sure why.  But it felt like a good idea at the time.

Back to why I love Big Lots.

Well it’s cheap…I mean *thrifty*.  And their stock is constantly changing.  Home decor, furniture, cleaning supplies, electronics and even groceries.  I’m not going to lie to you though, I only go there for the home decor.  And sometimes the furniture.  And the cleaning supplies if they have what I like.  But that’s it.  Until next time…

So today, upon paroozing around the store, I stumbled across this little jewel and immediately texted my boyfriend telling him I wanted it.  Today.

I’m not sure if you can see that price tag or not…so let me put it in writing for you.  $272.00!!!! What the?  Pretty sure that beats the IKEA sofas I have been pricing.  And what’s even better is that this sofa is EXTREMELY similar to two sofas that I love, love, LOVE but cannot afford (from Ballard Design and Home Decorators).  Actually, let me just show you a picture of one them.

This sofa’s price tag is closer to the $1,000.00 mark (so twice as much a sofa-love-seat-combo at the ole BL)…

So I sat on it, rubbed it a little..and then sat on the sofa next to it.  And the sofa behind it.  And the sofa behind it and to the left.  Long story short, this sofa kinda had my heart.  It was soft, cushy, comfortable and just the right color for my living room.  And what made this situation of mine even sweeter? Boyfriend said “go ahead.” Wahoo!! I got the Go Ahead!!! VICTORYYYY.

So next I chased down a guy with a black spikey hair wearing an orange Big Lots vest and put my order in.  They had a sofa and love seat in the back, still boxed up, ready to be loaded into the back of Boyfriend’s pick-up (which I just happened to be driving in case I came across a good buy).  I was pretty pumped.  Really pumped actually.  All of the money I just saved made me want to sing a happy, happy song.  And buy a lamp.  Well, two lamps actually.  Matching ones.  They were very pretty.  AND on sale, remember 20% everyyyyyything, right?

I didn’t buy the lamps. 😦 I should’ve though, huh? I mean think of all the SAVINGS from today.  I’ll try to post pics of the furniture in my living room.  It looks good.  I promise. Til’ tomorrow fraaaans. Deuces.